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Hi. I’m Donna Reeve,

Founder, CEO, Master Seer, Medium, Mentor, Coach and Author.

 I teach people how to live better lives by

  • harnessing intuition

  • helping clients build a spiritual toolkit for everyday use

  • bringing insight into logical, life decisions

  • identifying spiritual gifts and divine team members

  • and mentoring new solopreneurs in their own spiritual businesses

I model, educate, and empower my clients through

  • one-on-one psychic medium & card readings

  • group coaching

  • videos

  • books (coming soon!)

  • webinars

  • and online courses.

Transform your life with the power, purpose, peace, productivity & protection of living in Spirit.

Donna Reeve, Walks In Spirit, LLC

It’s not too late. A new day is dawning. Heed the call to step into peace.


Do you have questions like these?

  • Is he/she the right one for me?
  • Whether it’s okay to let a loved one go it alone
  • Whether the time is right to buy or sell a house
  • Whether the activity in the house is benign or needs to be gotten rid of
  • Whether their disease would kill them
  • What is making them sick
  • New career paths
  • Whether a friend is a true friend or a frenemy

Do you have situations like these?

You’re not alone.

Here’s a sampling of what others have gained or learned through private readings:

  • Help with life and death decisions:  One family heard from a beloved mother in great pain while on life support and in a coma. She was holding on in this life to protect her family from the pain of losing her. All the while, the family was torn about what to do. After hearing from her, the best choice for all involved was clear. They stopped fighting, made the right decision for their loved one, and found peace in the midst of their grief.
  • Help through intervention:  Many clients were grateful to have been notified of their children’s depression and suicidal thinking in time to intervene and turn the situations around.
  • Hope for the future:  A past life reading revealed that although a woman had lost the same fiancé in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the heartache over and over.
  • Past-life connections:  One client got connected to her spirit animal through her lasting connection to her former Native American Indian brother.
  • Help through the grieving process:  A mourner got to experience a sense of the homecoming her loved one received when they crossed over.
  • Forewarning for Real Life Protection:  Forewarning and quick, protective action let one client protect her home from a serial arsonist.
  • Foreknowledge for better planning:  Foresight allowed one client to take conducive actions that led to a new dream job and interstate move.
  • Justice:  Tips to police about unsolved murders led detectives to broaden their search to find a serial killer.
  • Comfort and connections:  Many hellos and confirmations from loved ones on the other side.
  • And much, much more! 


I am greatly honored to have been able to work with these great folks. These are their testimonies, in their own words. I thank them kindly for them. May you use them to see if we’re a good match for the issues you are facing in your life.

Here are what a few past clients have said about their readings.

 1. “Donna’s phone reading was so accurate, it was amazing! Donna has such a beautiful and comforting way of intuitively knowing which of my chakras were blocked. During the call, she offered healing suggestions and messages to help me gain clarity and awareness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Her gentle approach made me feel very safe, and the information she shared was completely spot on. Donna has such a gift. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!”- Lisa Fraley, JD, Legal Coach + Attorney, lisafraley.com

2. “Donna has an incredible gift. She gave me some specific details that no one could have guessed. It was clear to me that she was communicating with the other side. Her reading was positive and uplifting. I highly recommend her!” –EAG

3. “Thank you for the awesome talk yesterday. So appreciate you and your gifts. Helps me on my journey in life. God Bless you…Love and Light” –JS

4. “Donna is a warm and caring intuitive. My first reading with her was very insightful and I’m looking forward to my second one taking place on Tuesday. If you haven’t worked with Donna, this week’s deal is a great way to start! Thank you, Donna.” –CA

5. “Donna’s reading was right on point.  I was impressed by the accuracy even in regards to the ‘past’ reading as I had already begun to embrace some approaches or insights mentioned.  The reading brought reassurance and reference to an ‘outside the box’ approach to resolve the focus of the reading, that was already being utilized.   These experiences reflect the powerful ability Donna owns to tune into your vibrational field and bring soothing guidance.  Thank you.” –CH

6. “I just wanted to share my experience of having a reading done with Walks In Spirit. It was totally amazing. I was very happy with the outcome. Everything said to me was on point. I am excited and can’t wait for my next reading hearing from the other side. Everyone needs to experience this at least once. Thank You Again for your time and energy.”–MPR

7. “I’m happy to say Donna is awesome. She was on point through the whole reading. I still have more questions but that’s for another time. Thank you, Donna, you are amazing!! Blessings to you.”  –BW

8. “I received Donna’s reading today it was absolutely correct in every way about my question. I believe Donna is connected to a higher spirit.”  –RB

9. “Donna, thanks so much for the reading. It was great and just what I needed to hear. It’s so wonderful to get confirmation! I highly recommend getting a reading, folks, if you haven’t booked a spot yet for this week. ” –CA

10. “Thank you for my reading… I want to let you know that you were very accurate in what you send to me in the reading… in the card of my past you mention things that really happened to me… for example I have been many times in the hospital and even the doctors mentioned that they had help from God, so I received Divine Intervention, as you mention… and regarding the card of the present, I was really surprised because you mention exactly what I am doing… researching…. In December of 2014 a new medicine for cancer ovary recurrent was approved to be used… and to be able to do this I have to make a gene test… which I am doing to research if I have a gene mutation… It was really amazing because the reading was very certain and the details in it were reality… So I am just waiting for the future to make what the angel card said to me… THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!” –AL

11. “Thank you for your gift that you share.” –AK

12. “The grounding exercise has given [us] a great tool to use to connect to the light and not the darkness. And definitely your advice on how to know where the information is coming from – light or darkness – is from the clarity of the message. There will be no confusion. That has been the most valuable part.”  –KL

13. “It is so important to get this kind of spiritual support. I really enjoyed the reading I had with you. It was my first and was such an important validation of what I am going through. I could relax and let the process unfold without resistance. Thank you <3.”  –RK

14. “Donna is a highly attuned psychic medium. She has provided insight and healing…. She is very accurate [and] very sensitive. She truly wants to use her talents to help.”  — SH (One of my mentors/teachers who helped learn to control and harness my gifts)

15. “If you have any spiritual courage and deep desire for profound insight, then IMMEDIATELY take advantage of this remarkable ladies’ offer RIGHT NOW while you can! I am a fierce Christian skeptic who questions everything around me, and Donna has proven to me that she is not only the real deal, but profoundly gifted and insightful in ways that only the Holy Spirit could guide and reveal to her!” TW

16. “When I first contacted Donna, our home was undeniably a residence of malevolent forces. We had experienced happenings for months that had begun to increase in frequency, clarity, and had also become increasingly threatening and frightening….Our family was always waiting to see what would happen next and we felt that, if something weren’t done, something dangerous or harmful would happen.We took steps on our own, to no avail.Upon contacting Donna, she gave me some very specific instructions in ways that I might be able to clear my home of any negative or harmful energies and entities. After taking her advice and putting the suggestions into practice we have now experienced an extended period of absolutely no sign of any presence or entities. At the time that I contacted Donna, occurrences were happening at least every few days as they increased in frequency. The atmosphere in our home is more peaceful as a whole and we aren’t constantly worried about what may happen next. I have nothing but praise for Donna and her abilities. I don’t know where we would be without her guidance and kindness. She is legitimately, phenomenally gifted and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in any way.”    –LS                                        

17. Donna Lynn of Walks in Spirit has been my trusted adviser for several years.  Not only can she use her spiritual and psychic gifts to cut through the haze and get straight to the heart of the problem or situation I am facing, she does it with gentleness, compassion and total non-judgment. Donna Lynn helps me to connect with my own, inner knowing so I can make my own best decision using the clearheaded, impartial and spirit-centered information she imparts.

Einstein said you can’t change a problem if you come at it from the same consciousness that created it.  In other words, you need to rise above, view things from a different, higher, vibration, so you can clearly see what needs to be done to make things better.  Donna Lynn provides that impartial, wise, higher consciousness guidance so I can more clearly make my own decisions.  Donna Lynn has helped me in matters of the heart (marriage, children, other relationships), as well as business, so I can determine my next, best steps and to achieve what I want to achieve.  Donna Lynn is an invaluable, trustworthy and compassionate advisor and I wholeheartedly recommend Walks In Spirit if you are confused about your path, what decision to make, or just need some clarity and insight.  She never disappoints! –LAE


Home Sweet Home Donna Lynn, Walks In Spirit, LLC Click on Book Appointment to schedule your reading before the price increase on April 1, 2015! Evening hours available by phone. 919-904-4006

Practical Spiritual Action can help get a happier life and home.


Many people come to me when they don’t know where to turn or what to do. They know, instinctively, that I might have a piece of the solution to share with them. And they are right. Because of my gifts and experience, I am able to hear what they couldn’t hear for themselves.

An early start

My “career” started early.  First it was only family. Then friends. Then friends of family started coming to me for insight. Then their friends, acquaintances, coworkers, etc. They didn’t know why, but they’d been led to me and were confident that I’d have the help they needed. Amazingly, when I prayed, I saw the path clearly.

“This is going to sound weird, but…”

Strangers come up to me all the time. The conversation usually starts with, “This is going to sound weird, but…” and start detailing their deepest secrets, fears, and dreams.  I could clearly know or see the answer to their situation. I didn’t know how in the early days. I just knew what they needed to know. So I took notes. I made calls. I delivered messages as required. I became a trusted confidante, a messenger, a “secret keeper”, a discerner, and a coach for them during these puzzling situations.Eventually, I knew I needed to learn more so I could help the ever-increasing number of people I encountered. So I took classes in my Christian traditions, meditation, mindfulness, psychic medium and clairvoyant development. Soon I had all the tools and control I needed to do this sacred work “on demand.”

Eventually, I knew I needed to learn more so I could help the ever-increasing number of people I encountered. I took classes in my Christian traditions, meditation, mindfulness, psychic mediumship, and clairvoyant development. Soon I had all the tools and control I needed to do this sacred work “on demand.”

I am the Keeper of Secrets.

I wouldn’t be in business long if I didn’t know how to hold confidences. To this day, I still protect my clients’ privacy fiercely and keep all the details they share with me confidential. That’s why these testimonials don’t have full names and pictures with them. These are my clients’ private feelings, concerns, and situations, not mine. I am an honored guest in my clients’ worlds. As such, I have a sacred duty to protect, guide, and hold safe the information they share.

Sacred Trust

This work we do is a sacred trust between you, me, God/Love/Source/Creator, and your divine team of spiritual helpers. I am so blessed to be able to walk in the spirit world and step into my client’s situation. I am humbled that I get to act as their surrogate as I make the connections with their spiritual team and relay life-changing messages back to them. I do not take my duties lightly.

I am a channel and an interpreter of all the things I experience through this sacred visioning meditation. Whether it’s a narrow or expansive view, I get to see, hear, connect, and experience what I need to in order to guide my clients to their next steps along their growth path. It’s not all serious doom and gloom. We have fun, too.

A Leap of Faith

I took a HUGE leap of faith by starting this business. I regret nothing about my decision. My life has opened up in so many ways.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith, too?

Now that you see how I’ve helped others, I’m ready to help you. Let’s get started with your talents and challenges and see what you need to move you forward out of the stuck position you’re in.

You can find my appointments & package options and schedule here at https://walksinspiritllc.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php.

Are you ready for power, purpose, peace, productivity & protection?

Clear the confusion. Ditch the same old, tired struggles. Don’t stay stuck another day.

When you’re ready to move forward with a reading, I’ll be waiting with your whole divine team of helpers. Together we can help you find your way through the valley of shadows and get you over the mountain.




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