Stop viewing psychic and mediumship gifts as entertainment

Pointing out the obvious Yes, watching mediums on TV do their thing is fascinating. It makes for interesting watching, even for this practitioner. I’m sure we watch for different reasons. I’m going to challenge you on yours. What if you STOPPED viewing psychic and mediumship gifts as 1. ENTERTAINMENT 2. Something other, SPECIAL people can Read More

Cat as Spirit Animal

What’s Your Spirit Animal?

______ is my spirit animal. Can you fill in the blank? If so, comment below. Change is inevitable The animal energies at work in your life change over time. (Not so for your totem animals.) Knowing what animal is lending its wisdom to you in different circumstances will help you learn your lessons faster and Read More

carolina wren2

Powerful Spirit Energy packed into the Wren

During a quick rain, this wren hopped close to me and started singing. I couldn’t tell if he was mad or happy, but he sure put on a show. How wren came to be part of my spirit animal pack Considering that this was also the first day in 2 weeks without my needing antibiotics Read More


Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from WALRUS Energy

First Impressions Walrus are big, lumbering ocean creatures with whiskers and tusks who spend much of their day on the beach, chilling. They remind me of water elephants because of their size and their skin. The Scientific Research From Live Science (the science/nature geek in me loves this site because of the taxonomy of each species Read More

Firefly Glow

Insight from a Medium: Powerful Firefly Knowledge for my Life

My Area of Focus As I said in Friday’s Post (originally published Jun 26, 2015), I was surprised at to find the firefly appear as my animal spirit guide in response to my question about my my mother-child relationship to my teen and tween. I love lightning bugs, as we call them here in the south! Early Read More