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Blessing Alert: When the Support Card Reflects Energy in Action

Sometimes the card’s prediction comes true sooner than expected. I ❤watching Spirit work through others 🙂 The card that started it all: The rest of the story, aka the quick evidence of God/Holy Spirit at work in my life through others and how to start being receptive.   Your divine team has your back… and Read More


How I Do My Daily Card Readings

Looking for a way to start with Tarot, Oracle, or Angel Cards? Watch here for my approach. Go ahead, skip my fumbling with the camera & tripod in the beginning. I don’t mind. When you’re done watching Post any questions you have in the comments and I’ll be glad to answer.   Please like & Read More


Did your weekend look like this? You can still apply advice.

Your Card Reading for Friday, April 21-Sunday, April 23, 2017 (Or for whenever you’re reading this 🙂 ) Watch the video here SITUATION CARD 5 of Fire Meaning:  See video. Noted flower on card:  Hibiscus “Hibiscus flowers are delicate and very beautiful just as young women appear to be, so hibiscuses often symbolize young women.” Read More


How Daily Card Readings Can Help You in Your Most Important Roles

Embracing Videos Sample readings, tutorials, & how to interpret the cards I just finished up several Facebook Live Clairvoyant Chats and 1-Card Advice Readings on Zoom. If you didn’t get the chance to check them out, you might want to watch the videos I made during this week & more. This format is new to Read More


Energy Reading for March 22-26: What to Expect this Week

Healing advice as we approach Easter. The advice is specific for those who are reading this–> you 🙂 . Tuesday – Hydration – Note: This is World Water Day!  Yes, the heavens know what is happening here and often represent it in the cards!! – Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for motivating and guiding me Read More


Don’t Be Sad. Get Your Readings at 1/2 Price Until 12/23/15.

ENDING SOON 50% OFF READINGS’ SALE IS ENDING SOON…December 23 is the last day to buy 1/2 price. FOR YOURSELF If you’re buying for YOURSELF, go to main appointment page and use the MERRYXMAS code for a 50% discount, as listed above. FOR OTHERS A correction if you’re buying gifts: If you’re buying 1/2 price Read More

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Free Coaching Available Now for a STRONGER, BRAVER, SMARTER™ YOU!

ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW DAY, NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE? Why wait until Jan. 1? I’m giving away $150 of clairvoyant medium coaching to 20 people who want to reclaim their fiery, focused life. WHY? I’m launching my first coaching program, STRONGER, BRAVER, SMARTER™.   YOU’LL GET MY BEST In this unprecedented coaching/training, you’ll Read More

Energy Reading for Week of 10/06/15

Energy Readings to Make Scare-tober Not So Scary

Just Past the Eclipsed Blood Moon Lies SCARE-TOBER! October Fool’s Month? Now that our children are in the teen/tween age range, we’ve amped up the spookiness of Halloween. More decorations, more themed food and crafts, and more scares. It started innocently enough. I stood quietly around the corners of rooms and bathrooms and said “Boo!’ Read More


Your Daily Angel Card Readings

Are you tuned in? Hi friends, I’ve been doing near-daily card readings over on Instagram. I hope you’ll join me most weekdays, except for vacation and holidays. It’s been a good way to start the day — prayer, Bible reading, card reading and meditation. I think you’ll find some inspiration there, too. Blessings, Donna   Read More

How to recognize the universe’s plan for me and my business? – Insight into a Real Client Reading

My Certified Angel Card Coursework: A Reading for My Angel Card Certification Homework (permission granted to share this reading with you) *Disclosure:  I am familiar with Liz as a friend and client, so I am smiling at the cards she received.* I used the Life Purpose Oracle Cards deck by  Doreen Virtue . My client’s Read More