A Psychic Life Small Group Mentoring


FORGET THE RESOLUTIONS. START A PERSONAL REVOLUTION! You Don’t Want to Miss This Opportunity. It Will NOT Come Again at This Price.  Living in Spirit, aka living intuitively, is a vibrant, beautiful way to live. If you’re ready to start navigating by a different set of rules, maybe you’re ready.  Consider Grow your psychic skills Read More


Be a positive change in a needy world.

Aligned Positivity=Living an STR Life Living a life with a goal of spiritual alignment & positivity isn’t as easy as you might think. Survival I’ve survived more things than most people face in a lifetime. If I wanted to, it would be easy to give up, especially when I can see psychically the hell coming Read More


Announcing 2 New Books-in-Progress and Unveiling their Covers

Full Circle     My life has come full circle now that I’m writing books about my gothic, psychic medium side.       Introducing My 1st Nonfiction Book To Be Released in December 2017 by Donna Reeve of Walks In Spirit, LLC     Introducing My 1st Fiction Book To Be Released in December Read More


Are You Guilty of this Self-Limiting Behavior?

GUILT –Survival Stage It’s come to my attention that I’m operating in the past. I don’t need to tell you this. You know this already. But do you need to hear it again? Sometimes I put my head down and work so hard that I don’t notice that my surroundings/circumstances have changed. It’s usually when Read More

Following Your Intuition

You have the potential for life-altering learning. Will you begin?

Your Choice   “You’re standing at the door of knowledge You’ve knocked & the door has been opened. You know that IF you walk through, your life will be changed. You won’t be able to go back to not knowing. You won’t be able to use ‘I didn’t know!’ as an excuse. Will you enter?” Read More

You > Enough corrected

More Than: Power up your expectations and open to the possibilities

You are on a journey It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes the obstacles seem overwhelming. I’m on one too. I’ve been between that rock and a hard place. I’ve been down and out, so low I had to reach up to touch bottom, as we used to say. I’ve even been on the brink of Read More


When “Urgent” Distracts from “Important”

LIFE HAPPENS Hello. Nice to see you again. I see you’re taking a break from your neverending to-do list. You’re surfing for an escape. So let me say “Thank you” for stopping by here ’cause I know you’ve got lots of attention for your time: Work School or Coursework Home improvement Cleaning Errands out of Read More

battle scars

3 Videos to Let You Know IF You’re in the Right Place

WHO DO I HELP AND HOW DO I DO IT? Card readings for me (as teacher/channel/seer) & for you (as a person growing your life by using your spiritual gifts, blessings & protections. 1. What feminine qualities I need to focus on to best represent what I do to my clients & how I work best with potential Read More

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Moving on is the key to spiritual and emotional growth.

MAKE A DECISION ONCE AND MOVE FORWARD. One of the most common actions that harm us and keep us stuck is rehashing decisions we’ve made. Maybe you did make a mistake, one with a huge impact, or several that put you on the wrong trajectory.           Here’s an alarming reality that Read More