Three horseshoe crabs arthropods limulus polyphemus

Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from HORSESHOE CRAB Energy

First Impressions Prehistoric looking Beach and ocean dwellers. Horseshoe crabs look like armor, more specifically, an old Army helmet and stake. They are so rigid they look more like an object instead of a living creature. The Scientific Research From the NC Aquarium Website It’s NOT a crab. It’s an ARTHROPOD (which includes crabs and Read More


Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from WALRUS Energy

First Impressions Walrus are big, lumbering ocean creatures with whiskers and tusks who spend much of their day on the beach, chilling. They remind me of water elephants because of their size and their skin. The Scientific Research From Live Science (the science/nature geek in me loves this site because of the taxonomy of each species Read More

Firefly Glow

Insight from a Medium: Powerful Firefly Knowledge for my Life

My Area of Focus As I said in Friday’s Post (originally published Jun 26, 2015), I was surprised at to find the firefly appear as my animal spirit guide in response to my question about my my mother-child relationship to my teen and tween. I love lightning bugs, as we call them here in the south! Early Read More


God, Creation & This Mystical Christian’s Views on Spirit Animals

My Christian Perspective  As a Christian, I believe God made man, woman, and all the things in the world and the universe. The Big Bang Theory and Evolution fit into my beliefs just fine and support all the evidence and research that science has presented to us. You may not agree with me on one Read More


Who, What, How: Tap Into Your Wild Side at “Spirit Animal” Month

All Creatures and Critters are welcome here this June 2017 for Spirit Animal Month! Come back all month for spirit animals, spirit animal energy, and the Noah’s Ark of creatures available to us all. What you’ll learn: I’ll introduce you to the concept of spirit animals and totem animals why you might consider working with Read More


Breakthrough with a Spirit Animal Pack Reading for $125, Limited Time Offer!

Ready to start working with Spirit energy but not sure where to start? Animals are a fun & easy place to start for animal lovers. Discover your current (and often surprising!) 5-Pack of Spirit Animals for an unbelievable price.

i AM Walrus

Insight from a Medium: Powerful Walrus Knowledge for my Life

I almost missed him! As I said in Friday’s Post, I was surprised to find Walrus as the overarching spirit animal for my life at this time. And I almost missed him!! See, as I waited for my presiding animal, many other animals stepped forward to claim his spot. I tested their energies (cat, hawk, etc.), Read More

Firefly Glow

Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from FIREFLY Energy

First Impressions We call them “lightning bugs” in the South. It’s a flash of light that comes and goes so quickly. If it’s before dusk, you can usually find the firefly by looking for the slow-flying dark shadow. They’ll very gladly land on you if you are gentle with them. We’ve walked around the neighborhood Read More

Three horseshoe crabs arthropods limulus polyphemus

Insight from a Medium: Powerful Horseshoe Crab Knowledge for my Life

My Area of Focus As I said in Friday’s Post, I was surprised at to find the horseshoe crab, (one of the oldest, unchanged animals on earth) paired up with the changing chameleon as co-animal spirit guides for my marital relationship. Not too surprising considering I’m a Libra. So it makes perfect sense that I’d have Read More

Three Chameleons

Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from Chameleon Energy

First Impressions Chameleons are very adept at changing their coloring to suit their environment. They are a form of lizard with eyes that move independently. They have long, curled tails. They eat insects.   The Scientific Research They have exceptionally good eyesight for a reptile. They can change color based on emotions. Mostly found in Read More