Jacqueline the Pumpkin Queen 2015

Halloween 2015: This Year’s Costumes The Best By Far

Halloween 2015 – Costumes & Makeup MAKE Halloween Memorable I think this isn’t news since I showcased old Halloween costumes for the last 2 weeks. This year’s creative fest was fantastic. We killed it with our costumes this year. Our family had so much fun creating the costume and makeup for these designs. Stormy had Read More

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Halloweens Past Pt. 10, A Funny Story, Pre- and Post-TBI Amnesia

I had forgotten… If you know me, you’ve heard me say this many times. If you haven’t, get ready to hear it more often. After all, I am currently writing a memoir about my ongoing fight to recover from amnesia and TBI. Anyway, when I dug this picture out, the name Mark popped into my head. A colleague at Read More

What do YOU see?

How This Medium Sees Ghost Spirits in the Real World

If you’ve ever wondered what medium’s see, this amazing photo is spot on. Hubby thinks it looks like a picture from Ghostbusters. True. This is what I see when I see spirits–neon, outlines, and sometimes black. When they say the Veil is Thin This is what they mean. Spirits are always near us. Sometimes right Read More