Do you need to provide HELP THROUGH INTERVENTION?

Danger under your own roof Many clients were grateful to have been notified of their children’s depression and suicidal thinking in time to intervene and turn the situations around. Or sometimes there’s substance abuse happening. I can look into the energy of your attachment to them and see the course their energy is taking. Sometimes Read More

Finding & Growing Love

Love Advice for a Happy Marriage…From Spirit & Others

Celebrations are not without… My hubby and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary recently. (Click here if you missed it.) Tribulations. It seems like forever, especially during the hard times, and in an instant during the good. Watch We were lucky to have Parents and Grandparents who set a good example. They lived shared lives and Read More

Refreshing Ice Water

I Wanted to Make Sure You Didn’t Miss These 4 Short How-To Videos

My Dedication to You Trumps My Dislike of Seeing Myself on Video In my renewed commitment to you, I’m doing more instructional stuff and short how-to’s. In case you missed it, here are my collected Facebook Live Posts. I’m back & I’m ready to go big & courageous…for you & for me. You’re not perfect. Read More

Exclusive: Rant About Your Troublesome Energetic Problems, the Little, Big and Scary

What’s bugging you? I’m looking to identify your problems in my arena of expertise: psychically spiritually energetically or of a medium/ghostly nature. Removing the Woo-Woo for You-You™ After all, I am The Practical Medium™. There is nothing more innate than your connection to the spiritual. I’m determined to prove the value of “walking in spirit” Read More

Through the Valley

15 Valuable Reasons Why Clients Choose Me

Curiosity     They want the results they’ve read about in my posts and testimonials. Grief    They want peace after losing a loved one. Desperation    They want help after they’ve exhausted all other options. Self-Improvement Advice from a Higher Source    They want advice from the other side to help them improve their Read More


Introducing Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Life Coach, Donna Lynn!

Donna Lynn has spent all her life helping others “see”. Now she’s ready to help you! What she does: Here’s a sampling of what others have gained/learned through private readings: • A past life reading revealed that, although a woman had lost the same fiancé in another life, she was not doomed to repeat the Read More