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The Gift of Insight at a Special Price. Limited Time Offer!

A Special Christmas Price on my Bestselling, Sampler Package. Available for a Limited Time Only  https://walksinspiritllc.as.me/?appointmentType=4123458 Everything you’ve come to expect a card reading, psychic insight, and messages from the other side at a $50 savings. My way of saying Thank You for your thoughts and prayers throughout the difficult time and your continued support of me.   Read More


Get these Summer Soar Goodies: Powerful Tools for a limited time

A few special offers for you. Something for everyone.   FREE Train Your Intuition in a new group setting. Upcoming Challenge starting in August. Join now and get the jump on your best, most aligned choice of action. https://intuition-you.mn.co/ Sometimes LESS IS MORE Take a break and slow down this summer. But don’t stop your Read More


Do you need to provide HELP THROUGH INTERVENTION?

Danger under your own roof Many clients were grateful to have been notified of their children’s depression and suicidal thinking in time to intervene and turn the situations around. Or sometimes there’s substance abuse happening. I can look into the energy of your attachment to them and see the course their energy is taking. Sometimes Read More


Lurking Figure in Photo from a Similar Investigation

I was looking for a historical photo from the days when the Webb Memorial Library (site of the private paranormal investigation we joined) contained a garment factory training facility upstairs. I wanted to match the spirit of the African American male I saw to someone living. I found this instead. From Paranormal Investigator: True Accounts Read More


My First Paranormal Investigation in a Library

What I Did On Spring Break, Pt. 1 A Working Vacation I know that you’re not supposed to work on vacation, but when you do what you love and it’s a part of who you are, the two intertwine. While on spring break with my family, I decided to add a few paranormal activities to Read More

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Want to Know What Ghosts, the Paranormal and You Have In Common?

“I see dead people!” Maybe you’re like Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. Or maybe you’ve been terrorized by ghosts and wish the Ghostbusters team was real. Or maybe it’s a series of little things that you might could explain away, but they happen all the time. Well, I’m all ears. Whatever your paranormal Read More


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ENDING SOON 50% OFF READINGS’ SALE IS ENDING SOON…December 23 is the last day to buy 1/2 price. FOR YOURSELF If you’re buying for YOURSELF, go to main appointment page and use the MERRYXMAS code for a 50% discount, as listed above. FOR OTHERS A correction if you’re buying gifts: If you’re buying 1/2 price Read More

Burned Furnace

The 5 Surprising Life Lessons After My Near-Fatal Incident

I’m Celebrating my 1 year LIFE anniversary! 1 year ago, I should have died. Below was what I wrote a week after the incident. Last year’s Facebook post Advice that might save your life: Last week, we discovered that we had a cracked heating element in the downstairs unit that went undetected for possibly all Read More