5 Reasons Why Hump Day’s Spirit Animal is The Camel

Definitions, recent fame and why a camel is perfect as Wednesday’s spirit animal.


God, Creation & This Mystical Christian’s Views on Spirit Animals

My Christian Perspective  As a Christian, I believe God made man, woman, and all the things in the world and the universe. The Big Bang Theory and Evolution fit into my beliefs just fine and support all the evidence and research that science has presented to us. You may not agree with me on one Read More

Three Chameleons

Spirit Animals: Inspired Wisdom from Chameleon Energy

First Impressions Chameleons are very adept at changing their coloring to suit their environment. They are a form of lizard with eyes that move independently. They have long, curled tails. They eat insects.   The Scientific Research They have exceptionally good eyesight for a reptile. They can change color based on emotions. Mostly found in Read More

Two-toed Sloth

Buzzfeed’s Spirit Animal Quiz

Take the Quiz http://www.buzzfeed.com/geico/what-animal-were-you-born-to-be Share the Results I’m The Sloth You’re as cool as a cucumber, and you love to go with the flow. Your favorite activities include eating, sleeping, and eating again. Your rap name is Sir Naps-a-Lot. Hmm, me thinks this isn’t accurate…or is it, 😉 ? Please list your animal in the Read More


What’s So Special About Spirit Animals?

What are spirit animals? When I talk about spirit animals, I’m talking about 1) the literal animals that come into your life, seemingly out of the blue 2) the animals that are dominant in your life and woven throughout the past, present and future and 3) the animals that come to you in dreams. What Read More