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Want to Know What Ghosts, the Paranormal and You Have In Common?

“I see dead people!” Maybe you’re like Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense. Or maybe you’ve been terrorized by ghosts and wish the Ghostbusters team was real. Or maybe it’s a series of little things that you might could explain away, but they happen all the time. Well, I’m all ears. Whatever your paranormal Read More

Exclusive: Rant About Your Troublesome Energetic Problems, the Little, Big and Scary

What’s bugging you? I’m looking to identify your problems in my arena of expertise: psychically spiritually energetically or of a medium/ghostly nature. Removing the Woo-Woo for You-You™ After all, I am The Practical Medium™. There is nothing more innate than your connection to the spiritual. I’m determined to prove the value of “walking in spirit” Read More