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Intuition and Abundance: What You Need to Know to NOT Miss Your Best Life (Video Series)

Spontaneity Facebook is my go to place when I spontaneously get a good idea. So if you want to see the unfiltered me, check out my page here. My First Love You may have heard me say that I’m writing a fiction and nonfiction book this summer & fall. And for some reason, now that I Read More

Following Your Intuition

You have the potential for life-altering learning. Will you begin?

Your Choice   “You’re standing at the door of knowledge You’ve knocked & the door has been opened. You know that IF you walk through, your life will be changed. You won’t be able to go back to not knowing. You won’t be able to use ‘I didn’t know!’ as an excuse. Will you enter?” Read More

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3 Videos to Let You Know IF You’re in the Right Place

WHO DO I HELP AND HOW DO I DO IT? Card readings for me (as teacher/channel/seer) & for you (as a person growing your life by using your spiritual gifts, blessings & protections. 1. What feminine qualities I need to focus on to best represent what I do to my clients & how I work best with potential Read More

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What I Know: It’s Time to Grow Your Spiritual Gifts

What I know: Everyone has psychic capabilities. You can learn to develop and expand your innate abilities. These abilities can help you navigate better those best days, those normal days, and those darn-near-impossible days. You have a divine team of Love/God (insert whatever name you call the Divine Source here), loved ones, spirit guides, angels, Read More


Your Daily Angel Card Readings

Are you tuned in? Hi friends, I’ve been doing near-daily card readings over on Instagram. I hope you’ll join me most weekdays, except for vacation and holidays. It’s been a good way to start the day — prayer, Bible reading, card reading and meditation. I think you’ll find some inspiration there, too. Blessings, Donna   Read More