Do you need to provide HELP THROUGH INTERVENTION?

Danger under your own roof Many clients were grateful to have been notified of their children’s depression and suicidal thinking in time to intervene and turn the situations around. Or sometimes there’s substance abuse happening. I can look into the energy of your attachment to them and see the course their energy is taking. Sometimes Read More

The Wedding Party

“You’re going to marry me!” I said. And he did, 22 years ago.

Love at second sight It took one meeting to get you into my brain, and a second one to fall in love with you.     Meeting you was the best present my sister ever gave me.     I captured your attention by locating (psychically) the Ace of Spades in the deck– “2nd from Read More

Sunset on sea coast

What Can You Expect From a Reading with Me?

Your results will be unique to you, your situation and the information gleaned from the loved ones who step forward to speak with us. But here are some of the results that others have had: Help:  One family heard from a beloved mother in great pain while on life support and in a coma. She Read More

A Peaceful Home

Testimonial #1 for House Cleansing Coaching

I am humbled to receive this beautiful testimonial from a recent client: “When I first contacted Donna our home was undeniably a residence of malevolent forces. We had experienced happenings for months that had begun to increase in frequency, clarity, and had also become increasingly threatening and frightening. They also seemed to target our children Read More