Announcing 2 New Books-in-Progress and Unveiling their Covers

Full Circle     My life has come full circle now that I’m writing books about my gothic, psychic medium side.       Introducing My 1st Nonfiction Book To Be Released in December 2017 by Donna Reeve of Walks In Spirit, LLC     Introducing My 1st Fiction Book To Be Released in December Read More


Are You Guilty of this Self-Limiting Behavior?

GUILT –Survival Stage It’s come to my attention that I’m operating in the past. I don’t need to tell you this. You know this already. But do you need to hear it again? Sometimes I put my head down and work so hard that I don’t notice that my surroundings/circumstances have changed. It’s usually when Read More

Speedometer - Reaching Your Goal

Intuition and Abundance: What You Need to Know to NOT Miss Your Best Life (Video Series)

Spontaneity Facebook is my go to place when I spontaneously get a good idea. So if you want to see the unfiltered me, check out my page here. My First Love You may have heard me say that I’m writing a fiction and nonfiction book this summer & fall. And for some reason, now that I Read More

You > Enough corrected

More Than: Power up your expectations and open to the possibilities

You are on a journey It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes the obstacles seem overwhelming. I’m on one too. I’ve been between that rock and a hard place. I’ve been down and out, so low I had to reach up to touch bottom, as we used to say. I’ve even been on the brink of Read More

battle scars

3 Videos to Let You Know IF You’re in the Right Place

WHO DO I HELP AND HOW DO I DO IT? Card readings for me (as teacher/channel/seer) & for you (as a person growing your life by using your spiritual gifts, blessings & protections. 1. What feminine qualities I need to focus on to best represent what I do to my clients & how I work best with potential Read More

Shine brightly, boldly and with the glow of spirit

WISe Coaching: Live in WISdom Be young inside. “Youthful exuberance” is rarely applied to anyone over 21. I think that needs to change. The innocent shine their light brightly, boldly, for all to see because they don’t know better. Our lives are better for it. There are times when we need to shelter our light Read More

Finding & Growing Love

Love Advice for a Happy Marriage…From Spirit & Others

Celebrations are not without… My hubby and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary recently. (Click here if you missed it.) Tribulations. It seems like forever, especially during the hard times, and in an instant during the good. Watch We were lucky to have Parents and Grandparents who set a good example. They lived shared lives and Read More

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A Sabbatical, Sort of. Spiritual Down Time

The change started on April 19th, 2016, but it was set into motion from what happened 1 year ago. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I had discectomy surgery 1 year ago in May. It went well. However, I had a frozen shoulder going into surgery. Surgery only made it Read More


Ain’t Dead Yet: Surviving and Thriving 31 Years Later

Today’s my anniversary.  31 years ago on March 31, I nearly died. Again. It wouldn’t be the last time. Or the first. But the car accident I was involved in on this day 31 years ago changed the trajectory of my life forever. (Read more about that here, in last year’s post.) I don’t know Read More

Burned Furnace

The 5 Surprising Life Lessons After My Near-Fatal Incident

I’m Celebrating my 1 year LIFE anniversary! 1 year ago, I should have died. Below was what I wrote a week after the incident. Last year’s Facebook post Advice that might save your life: Last week, we discovered that we had a cracked heating element in the downstairs unit that went undetected for possibly all Read More