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The Gift of Insight at a Special Price. Limited Time Offer!

A Special Christmas Price on my Bestselling, Sampler Package. Available for a Limited Time Only  https://walksinspiritllc.as.me/?appointmentType=4123458 Everything you’ve come to expect a card reading, psychic insight, and messages from the other side at a $50 savings. My way of saying Thank You for your thoughts and prayers throughout the difficult time and your continued support of me.   Read More


Are You Guilty of this Self-Limiting Behavior?

GUILT –Survival Stage It’s come to my attention that I’m operating in the past. I don’t need to tell you this. You know this already. But do you need to hear it again? Sometimes I put my head down and work so hard that I don’t notice that my surroundings/circumstances have changed. It’s usually when Read More

carolina wren2

Powerful Spirit Energy packed into the Wren

During a quick rain, this wren hopped close to me and started singing. I couldn’t tell if he was mad or happy, but he sure put on a show. How wren came to be part of my spirit animal pack Considering that this was also the first day in 2 weeks without my needing antibiotics Read More

Flat tire blessings

Blessing Alert: When the Support Card Reflects Energy in Action

Sometimes the card’s prediction comes true sooner than expected. I ❤watching Spirit work through others 🙂 The card that started it all: The rest of the story, aka the quick evidence of God/Holy Spirit at work in my life through others and how to start being receptive.   Your divine team has your back… and Read More


Where Do You Go From Here When You’re Tired, Scared, Hopeless?

Where do you go from here? Here could be anywhere. A crowded office, your house, a tent in the woods, in line at the supermarket, alone in your bed at night staring at the ceiling… We’ve all had those times when we’re alone in a crowd or just alone, lost in thought. You’ve been turning Read More

Finding & Growing Love

Love Advice for a Happy Marriage…From Spirit & Others

Celebrations are not without… My hubby and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary recently. (Click here if you missed it.) Tribulations. It seems like forever, especially during the hard times, and in an instant during the good. Watch We were lucky to have Parents and Grandparents who set a good example. They lived shared lives and Read More


Ain’t Dead Yet: Surviving and Thriving 31 Years Later

Today’s my anniversary.  31 years ago on March 31, I nearly died. Again. It wouldn’t be the last time. Or the first. But the car accident I was involved in on this day 31 years ago changed the trajectory of my life forever. (Read more about that here, in last year’s post.) I don’t know Read More

Burned Furnace

The 5 Surprising Life Lessons After My Near-Fatal Incident

I’m Celebrating my 1 year LIFE anniversary! 1 year ago, I should have died. Below was what I wrote a week after the incident. Last year’s Facebook post Advice that might save your life: Last week, we discovered that we had a cracked heating element in the downstairs unit that went undetected for possibly all Read More

GGG Adventures

387 Reasons I Shouldn’t Be Alive: A Survival Story

God Girl Goth This is me, 2 years ago. GGG was my first incarnation of Walks In Spirit, before I came out of the psychic closet and decided to follow the insistent urging to work as a clairvoyant medium coach in service to others. Luckily I had no idea what hardships were headed my way. Read More