My First Paranormal Investigation in a Library

What I Did On Spring Break, Pt. 1

A Working Vacation

I know that you’re not supposed to work on vacation, but when you do what you love and it’s a part of who you are, the two intertwine.

While on spring break with my family, I decided to add a few paranormal activities to our seaside visit. My readers and clients were most excited to hear about the paranormal investigation that we paid to join. I was a bit concerned that we were the only ones to sign up that night, because, like most businesses, there are minimums.  Lots of active spirits. We got:

Then the call came around noon on the day of our investigation. “I wanted to give you a head’s up. We don’t have enough people to run the investigation tonight. If 2 more people don’t join, the only alternative would be for you to buy the remaining slots and do a private investigation.”

I got off the phone and looked at my family. One was adamant that he wasn’t coming with us no matter how much we paid. He’s quite sensitive to spirits and doesn’t want to be even more so. My other two guys…well, my husband is a diehard skeptic who wants to believe. He wants a ghost to scare the bejesus out of him so that he can say he believes. Our younger son is curious about me and my work. He knows it’s in his DNA. So he now watches The Dead Files or the occasional Ghost Adventures with me.

Forget it, I thought to myself.

My husband watched the changing emotions on my face. “Do it. Call them back and tell them we’ll do the private session.”


“You do all kinds of stuff for us. Do this for you.”

Our own private spiritual playground

I felt the excitement come back at the opportunity to be fully my psychic medium self on a private spiritual playground. So when the tour owner called back, I said, “Yes, we want to do the private tour.” Then I revealed my professional interest.

Driving to the haunted library, I knew there was real potential for good interaction. A radio or tv tower loomed on the other side of the street parking lot, less than 100 feet away. That extra energy would help spirits who wanted to manifest come through. The ocean was less than two blocks cattycorner. Water also bolstered communication. It was going to be an interesting night, I thought, as we made our way around to a side entrance. As the lead investigator led us to a side garden to give us the pre-entrance talk, a cat in spirit scrambled out of the way of the opening gate.

Gearing Up

Inside we received digital temperature gauges and EMF meters. I declined both so I could interact freely and try to get photographic evidence. The guides carried the spirit box and the extra gauges and meters. My son grabbed his camera and we got started.


I had a very cool paranormal investigation. Lots of active spirits and a residual haunting or two. I focused on the intelligent spirits to interact with. We got:
–a very clear “Hey Donna” on the spirit box from the deceased gentleman named John who escorted me in
–A kid playing hide and seek with us
–A girl named Lisbeth
–A woman named Ethel
–A ghost cat outside
–A full-body dark figure that made me jump until I saw that he jumped and ran when he saw that I’d seen him, lol
–& so much more.


This husband and wife team were sensitives. They built our night off of some of their prior findings. Because of the work I do, I’m skeptical of others’ abilities. Yes, it’s true.

Later my hubby told me he was concerned how they did their interactions, using some psychology tricks. He was most concerned that they were being deceptive, feeding off what I said to make it into something bigger. I laughed and said, “Of course. I was expecting that.” They weren’t professional psychics or mediums. At times, I fed them information to see their responses; at other times, I tested the information they got.

Sadly, my husband thinks the whole business was a hoax. From his point of view, it was. He saw nothing, the spirit box sounded like a jumble of CB Radio most of the time, and the EMF and temp meters stayed constant unless near electronics. He was disappointed that he didn’t get to see his first ghost.

The younger son saw something in one room and tried to catch it on his camera. I was walking up to him and caught the energy rushing past. So he’s becoming alerted to the unseen world, as is his legacy from me.


Considering the line of work I do, I didn’t go into this situation without protection. I also made my husband and son invisible. Right before we started, they asked me to relax the protection so that they could have a more authentic time. I did. Perhaps I didn’t loosen the control enough for them to enjoy their time more. Still, protection is of utmost importance to me. I would never put them in the line of fire.


  • Be realistic in your expectations. People who host these tours have to produce on demand to engage that night’s crowd. So there will be some psychological manipulation to get a shared experience.
  • If you’ve not had a ghostly interaction before the session, you might not have one here either. Unless you open up and get into the fun of the investigation. Even then, “seeing” and experiencing take training.
  • Be in a campfire, ghost story mindset. Be prepared for the unexpected and maybe you’ll get it.
  • Consider the cost, the purpose, and your guides. If you’re uncomfortable with any component, perhaps you shouldn’t attend.
  • For the rest of you, ask for protection from some negative entities that gather and enjoy a night of entertaining. Shake off any sensations and images you get before heading home. There’s not much worse than taking home a souvenir ghost.

An Explanation

I thought of this during the investigation, when I saw a vision of an elephant. It turns out there was an elephant statue on the landing up going up the stairs. But I still think that ALL investigations are a bit like this parable of the blind men and the elephant.

ALL paranormal investigations are like the parable of the blind men and the elephant. What discoveries were made during my #ghost #paranormal #investigation #ghosthunting Click To Tweet


No. I didn’t capture any ghost photos on my cell phone or camera. Neither did my son. Here are a few pics of the location in case I missed something.

How about you?

Have you ever gone on an investigation? Did you experience any unexplained phenomena?









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  1. Laurinda Reinhart says:

    interesting story. what is that to the left of the blue chair? looks like fuzzy images of tuxedo kittens sitting on a shelf. whatever it is, it keeps drawing my eye. I suppose its just junk on a shelf, but I don’t understand why its blurry.

    • I see it, Laurinda! I hadn’t seen it before. It almost looks like an image in a mirror. I’m wondering if that’s a window behind the chairs. That was the side of the building we came in on, where I saw a ghost kitty run!!
      Thanks for posting. 🙂
      I’ll have to look at the other photos to see if I can identify it.

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