What happens when you plan your family vacation with input from the divine?

Donna Lynn, Walks In Spirit, LLC

Short Answer:  Amazing Things

Do you remember the Groundhog’s Day reading I did for myself (& shared) suggested I needed to recharge by being near water? It was the advice/2nd card, Sulis from The Goddess Guidance Deck. It said I/we would get inspired by going on a trip to the water, as long as I aligned the journey with prayer & the intention of amplifying water’s magical powers.

So I planned our family’s vacation to the seaside town of Beaufort, NC (of Blackbeard fame) by scheduling a few, new anchor experiences and let the rest of our time unfold with direction of spirit. It was a magical few days in spite of having visited there more than 10 times before when we were younger.

The divine guidance I received was like the lighthouse at Cape Lookout. It helped me see if I was on the right path, or off course.

A Professional Review

After we returned and everyone went back to work and school, I decided that it was part of my professional responsibility to go back to Source and ask what the lessons were in our vacation. God/The Divine delivered 2 pages of notes during my meditation. I will share them with you in blog posts every Friday until I get through everything.

A simple exercise to help the review work for you, too.

I’m going to challenge you to do what I did. Sit in silence and ask, “What was the lessons or takeaways from [that experience]?” Close your eyes. Do you see flashes of memory or pictures? Do you feel emotions rising that are unrelated to your present state of being? Does a phrase pop into your head?

When you geet something, don’t stir out of your calm place. Stay and wait for more. If nothing new pops up, ask “Is there more I should know?” Give yourself enough time to unpack all the blessings from that situation.

When you’re “done”, say

“Thank you” + God/Source/Creator/Love/the Divine.

Then open your eyes and journal/take notes.

Did you learn anything surprising?

I’d love to hear in the comments below.

A head start

Remember to come back here on Fridays as I share my insight. I hope to present it in such a way that you will be finding nuggets of inspiration in your own day.

If you want to get a head start, head over to my Facebook page. It’s the starting point for me in the social media world because I can add snippets here and there. You’ll find photos, videos, etc to help inspire your own spiritual family vacation.

Why you should care

Whether you’re religious or not, you have a divine team that deals in intuition and more. It/He/She has input that will help in EVERY area of your life…IF you let them.

Your divine team deals in intuition. If you pay attn, they have input that will help in EVERY area of your life. Get in tune and live in flow. #walksinspirit Click To Tweet

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