New Client Info

Hints and Tips for Your Client Reading

Dear Client,

I’m so happy to work with you!

To get the most from your reading, may I suggest that you:

  • Prayerfully consider why you booked this appointment with me.
  • Set your intentions for this specific reading/coaching session.
  • If you’re hoping to connect with a loved one who’s passed over, please ask them respectfully to come forward to connect with me during our reading in a way that makes sense and best helps you move forward.

To consider:

  • Are you drawn to a particular spiritual practice?
  • Are you looking for grounding?
  • Do you have fears in a particular area that you’d like to explore spiritually with me?
  • What issues are causing confusion?
  • What items/people/ideas speak to you that you suspect may have deeper meanings?
  • What is right about your life?
  • Are there any hints you’ve gotten for what’s missing in your life right now?

My intention for you is that you receive clarity, a connection with your divine guides, and  actions and/or practices to deepen your faith and enhance your innate intuitive abilities.

Feel free to:

  • Take notes during the reading.
  • Record your reading.
  • Be prepared to relax.
  • Feel free to stop me during the reading.
  • Guide the direction of your reading based on the incoming information.
  • Come with a list of questions you’d like to have some insight into.
  • Come knowing that my work is done in confidence, with prayerful guidance and that messages are asked to be presented in the best possible way for your growth and always intended for your best interests.

Thank you for letting me accompany you on this journey to bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen to create the full life you deserve. I look forward to sharing this time with you.



Reading Notes


Intent/Purpose for Today’s Reading:

Your Reading may include the following elements:

“Flower” Reading Represents your energy snapshot at this time.

  • Are you grounded (roots)?
  • Do you have support (stem)?
  • Are you thriving (bloom)?
  • Surroundings/Location?
  • Other characteristics?

Chakras and their meanings

(Please research deeper for the variations and nuances from your reading. Chakra info is vast, helpful in seeing what’s blocking you now, and a good indicator for directing your actions to resolve difficulties.)



Third Eye








  • Spirit Guides, Guardians or other Divine Spiritual Beings
  • Totem animals
  • Any Contact noted by Loved Ones who have crossed over?
    • Who?
    • Validation
    • Msgs


Next Action Steps

Things you’re doing well

Areas for improvement

Your final questions/concerns


The information provided by the Owner, Employees and Consultants for Walks In Spirit, LLC, is not intended to be a substitute for professional, medical, legal or psychological advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, obtained verbally or written, is available for general information purposes only. Reading, coaching, information and instruction are for your consideration as an additional supplement. If you have questions about your medical care, please seek out appropriate medical care and second opinions for guidance and treatment over any health concerns.

In addition, I’m required legally to tell you that my services in NC are considered For entertainment purposes only. However, I take my gift and my service to you seriously. I expect you to use sound judgment in regards to anything you have heard in your reading.

By making payment to Walks In Spirit, LLC, you are acknowledging receipt and acceptance of these terms.


All sessions are paid in advance of your reading through my Acuity Scheduling Page or through PayPal invoice.

Cancellations should be made 24-hours prior to your appointment. Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will forfeit the entire payment for the session.  Of course, in cases of true  emergencies, I will try to work with you to reschedule your session.


The work we do is based on trust. You trust us to help with spiritual matters and we trust you to come openly and honestly to do this sacred work. As such, Walks In Spirit, LLC, respects your privacy. Your personal, financial and contact information will be carefully protected. It will never be sold, traded or otherwise shared, except as required by law.






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